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The Hustle and Bustle is Over

There is comparative calm at Mini-Engineers this week. No wild shrieks of joy, no sound at all apart from my fingers on the keyboard. It’s a world away from where we were all last week!


Our Hustle Bustle City Camp that we ran in Chelsea over half term was a huge success with so many happy and creative mini-engineers!  Every morning, we had children arriving earlier and earlier because they couldn’t wait to start the day.

There were so many amazing builds that you can see in the Inspiration Gallery but the highlights of the camp for us were the brilliant skyscrapers that everyone designed and created, with children’s height being surpassed by their builds.

Buildings_Our Hustle Bustle Camp_29Oct14_12Tall Skyscrapper



As most major cities have a zoo, another fun and inspiring day was our Zoology day. After learning about different habitats around the world for different animals, the children created such amazing animals and marine life. They paid so much attention to detail and had really put their learning into action. No gazelles next to lions in any of the builds!


When presenting their zoos, they also had the most imaginative stories about what was happening in their builds, it was an absolute joy to listen too!


The Zoo_Hustle Bustle Camp_31Oct14_19448e06__the-zoo-hustle-bustle-camp-31oct14-10


We’re now getting ready for the festive season, with the Winter Wonderland and LEGO Gift Making Workshop around the corner.  We are also putting our activities for next term through their paces in the ilab and we’ll be putting them on the website really soon!



Yvette, Founder


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