Holiday camps

Our holiday LEGO® camps take place during half term and term breaks.  Camps are typically one week long and run for two to three hours each day. Some camps offer a different type of building activity each day, other camps focus on a particular project that may take up to one week to complete. 

Aerospace Camp

Age Group:
5 to 11 years (Year 1 to Year 6)
Children will be grouped into teams of 4. Let us know if there are certain friends/siblings that your child would like to build with.
Does your child dream of flying up and beyond? One of our most exciting and popular topics, the Aerospace Camp looks at air exploration starting with planes and airports all the way through to space travel and rockets.  If your children are fascinated by space, aeroplanes and airports, then this is the camp for them.  Your mini-astronauts and pilots will build entire airports, space stations and satellites and find out how to launch rockets and rovers out of the atmosphere and set up new camps on faraway planets.  After learning about the International Space Station and the history behind the most fantastic space missions to the Moon and Mars, your budding astronauts will be raring to go!
5…4…3… 2…1…Let’s Build!!!!!!

Wimbledon – 21st to 25th August – 9:00               Battersea – 21st to 25th August – 13:20
"Our two sons have never been big fans of holiday camps until Mini-Engineers.  Without fail, every day after I had collected them, our drive home would be filled with lots of exciting commentary about what they had achieved, created and shared that day. They attended a week's camp, and loved every minute of it.   Mini Engineers offers children a genuinely fulfilling and educational experience, whilst at the same time, they learn to work together as a team. Great skills are being taught for life."
Charissa R. (mum)
"Thank you for providing my boys with what they call 'the best week ever'!  Already avid Lego designers and builders, their week at camp sparked a new level of enthusiasm for building. They came home each day wanting to build upon what they had done at camp, and Brennan even assigned himself 'homework' to prepare for what he would build the next day.   Your approach to teamwork and cooperation through building instilled in all my children a great sense of pride and accomplishment!"
Betsy S. (mum)
"My son said it is “the best club ever!!"  Yvette has thought of everything even down to stickers.  We will definitely be doing another camp."

Cecilia C. (mum)
“Our two boys had such a fantastic time attending the Mini-Engineers class. They absolutely loved the idea of designing their own car and participating with their models in a race competition!  The kids were very much involved and the teachers were ready to help out if anyone needed extra help.  Once we came home the boys wanted to make car models again and have another race!  Absolutely wonderful class!”      

Inna A. (mum)