The Vikings are coming! Get ready for an action packed camp as we jump into the dangerous and exciting world of the Norsemen!  On the first day we will build long ships to take the Vikings across the sea to find luscious new lands for farming.  On day two we will build huge settlements complete with long halls, temples, trading posts and palisade walls to protect our Vikings from the Saxons whose lands have been invaded.  We will learn about the famous Vikings, Ivor the Boneless and Guthrum the Unlucky.  Get ready to set sail on an adventure that will bring the Vikings to life like never before!!

Note:  Children will be grouped into teams of 5.  Let us know if there are certain friends/siblings your child would like to build with.
Activity type Holiday camps
Age group 5 to 11 years (Year 1 to Year 6)
Day(s) of week Monday, Tuesday
Course dates 21st Oct, 22nd Oct
Excluded dates -
Time 9:00 to 12:00 (3 hours)
Course length 2 days
Places remaining 16
Location South Kensington
Venue Marlborough Primary School
Draycott Ave
London SW3 3AP
Price £84.00

South Kensington

Marlborough Primary School
Draycott Ave London SW3 3AP

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