Wonders of the World

What are some of the greatest Wonders of the World and how did they come about?  From the Natural Wonders of the World to the Ancient and Modern ones, we will take your child on a journey through the Engineering ages.  The children will experience first hand some of the structural challenges as they reconstruct their own versions of the Wonders.  From engineering marvels such as the Eiffel Tower to the Great Wall of China and the Golden Gate Bridge, this camp addresses the engineering challenges the creators of these Wonders faced in a fun and engaging manner.   If your child has a thirst for knowledge and likes to engage with the world around them, then this three day Easter camp will inspire and equip them with the basic structures of greatness!!  Have you ever “wondered” what your child could build with 4500+ LEGO bricks?

Note:  ​Children will be grouped into teams of 4.  Let us know if there are certain friends/siblings that your child would like to build with.
Activity type Holiday camps
Age group 5 to 11 years (Year 1 to Year 6)
Day(s) of week Wed, Thurs, Fri
Course dates 10th April, 11th April, 12th April
Excluded dates -
Time 9:00 to 12:00 (3 hours)
Course length 3 days
Places remaining 0
Location Battersea
Venue Honeywell Infant and Junior Schools
Honeywell Rd
London SW11 6EF
Price £126.00


Honeywell Infant and Junior Schools
Honeywell Rd London SW11 6EF

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