Weekly classes

Our LEGO® classes are 60 to 90 minutes in length and follow the school term schedule. These weekly classes have been designed around LEGO Education’s 4C principles of Connect, Construct, Contemplate and Continue.  Through guidance and teamwork, our Mini-Engineers will build simple machines, learn STEM concepts, have fun and inspire each other.   With exception of Nursury Classes, children build in teams of two and each team is given their own LEGO kit. 

DUPLO Stories

Age Group:
4 to 5 years (Nursery, Reception)
Every child loves a great story but how about building and recreating scenes or characters from these stories with DUPLO?  Taking inspiration from some well-loved children’s books, our mini-engineers will retell and construct their favourite excerpts out of DUPLO elements.  From dinosaurs and aliens to sea life and minibeasts  - anything is possible using our DUPLO Creative Kit.  Each week, we’ll focus on a different story with its own unique setting that will capture the imaginations of budding writers and storytellers by bringing stories to life.  The perfect class for story lovers and DUPLO lovers alike!

Fridays - Notting Hill - 14:45
Saturdays - South Kensington - 14:10


Age Group:
5 to 8 years (Year 1 to Year 3)
What’s your favourite thing about space?  In this class, children will discover more about the secrets our solar system holds and unearth what natural and manmade objects are suspended in the earth’s atmosphere.  Our Mini-Engineers will learn how to build their own spaceships, landers, and rovers, and imagine exploring outer space, whilst embarking on a quest to reveal what scientists have learned about the planets, asteroids and comets orbiting our sun !  3…2…1…Liftoff!

Mondays - Wimbledon - 16:00
Saturdays -  South Kensington - 9:15
Saturdays - South Kensington - 15:30

Minecraft Story Adventures

Age Group:
7 to 11 years (Year 3 to Year 6)
Let’s bring Minecraft to life using our LEGO Minecraft Kit to create fun-filled stories, comics and newspapers.  Every week our Mini-Engineers instructors will get your child’s creativity flowing and help them build Minecraft scenes and Survival Mode adventures that they’ll be proud to read and share.  Where will Steve go on his next adventure? You decide! Get creative, sharpen your pencils and bring your Minecraft stories to life!

Saturdays - South Kensington - 9:10

Advanced Mini Machines

Age Group:
7 to 11 years (Year 3 to Year 6)
Year 2 children accepted if completed Introduction to Mini Machines
Recommended for experienced and confident builders
Let your child explore the technical side of their creativity in Advanced Mini Machines.  As a continuation of Introduction to Mini Machines, this class teaches children advanced building techniques using LEGO technic bricks, gears, axles and pulleys to create impressive, functional LEGO models.  After learning an engineering or mechanical concept, children will have the opportunity to use their creativity and build a LEGO creation to solve a challenge set by the Mini-Engineers Instructors.  Learn how to lift a heavy weight, build a sturdy tower, catapult a brick - and much more!  This class is best for children with lots of LEGO building experience, who want to be inspired to take their designs to greater heights.

Saturdays - South Kensington - 15:15
“The Mini-Engineers class was a fantastic experience for Alexandar. He has many Lego sets at home but he was never really into them. Since we came to Mini-Engineers workshop Alex has changed completely. He built all his Lego sets independently and now he has his Lego corner in his bedroom.  Great club!  We are looking forward to many more Lego sessions.”

Marina K. (mum)