Weekly classes

Our LEGO® classes are 60 to 75 minutes in length and follow the school term schedule. These weekly classes have been designed around LEGO Education’s 4C principles of Connect, Construct, Contemplate and Continue.  Through guidance and teamwork, our Mini-Engineers will build simple machines, learn STEM concepts, have fun and inspire each other.   With exception of some DUPLO Classes, children build in teams of two and each team is given their own LEGO kit. 

For the next few months we will not be running any LEGO classes while we use this period to plan bigger things for Mini-Engineers.  We’re working hard to come back even stronger so please be patient and continue to watch this space.
“The Mini-Engineers class was a fantastic experience for Alexandar. He has many Lego sets at home but he was never really into them. Since we came to Mini-Engineers workshop Alex has changed completely. He built all his Lego sets independently and now he has his Lego corner in his bedroom.  Great club!  We are looking forward to many more Lego sessions.”

Marina K. (mum)