Mini-Engineers LEGO® workshops are innovative and fun for your child and the entire family. Our workshops are one off and will usually be held on a weekend. The length of each workshop will vary depending on the activity. Our workshops will range from specialized build events for children to team building events for family and friends. Check back often as workshops will be added throughout the year! 

Harry Potter

Age Group:
5 to 11 years (Year 1 to Year 6)
Children will be grouped into teams of 4. Let us know if there are certain friends/siblings that your child would like to build with.
Come with us on a magical journey - spend an afternoon using a kit of 4,000+ LEGO pieces to build Hogwarts Castle and recreate your own adventures for Harry, Hermione and Ron! Construct the Gryffindor common room, Snape’s classroom or Dumbledore’s office and bring wizarding world of Harry Potter to life.  Assemble the quidditch pitch and the Forbidden Forest and some of the mythical creatures that reside there – will you dare to enter?

South Kensington – 26th January – 14:00

Formula 1

Age Group:
5 to 11 years (Year 1 to Year 6)
Note: Children will be grouped into teams. Let us know if there are certain friends/siblings that your child would like to build with.
Getting excited for the start of the new F1 season?  Why not get a bit closer to the action by building your very own F1 LEGO car to celebrate the first race of the 2019 season. It’s all about design and engineering – choose and build your chassis, select and attach your tyres, design the body of your car with aerodynamics in mind.  You’ll have chance to test out your car with time to make modifications and improvements. Then we’ll put your cars to the test by racing them down the Mini-Engineers race track! Which team will be top of the podium on the day?

South Kensington – 16th March – 12:30
Hampstead – 17th March – 13:15
"I was impressed by the preparation that had gone into the course. Lego is obviously a winner, but combined with loads of stats on fast cars and with a competition at the end this was an effective way of firing the imagination of children that are not easy to impress. The instructors were well informed and there were enough of them to provide hands on advice to the budding engineers. Leo thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Edward D. (dad)
Our children, Ethan (7 years) and Arielle (5 years) immensely enjoyed the Mini-Engineer's workshop.  It was great fun for our children and for me it was fascinating to see great thought behind the activities.  Another great discovery for us was that our daughter also enjoyed the workshop.  Lego is not only for boys!   What a wonderful experience we had!   We are eager for more workshops and camps.  Thank you very much for Mini-Engineer's!!!! 

Sayuri C. (mum)