What is a Mini-Engineers iLab and where is it located?
Mini-Engineers is a children's Innovation and Inspiration Lab--or what we like to call “iLab.”  It is a place where our Mini-Engineers come together to be creative learners and to explore with their imaginations to the fullest.  While we plan to have a physical iLab in the future, our iLab currently operates on a mobile basis within the London area.   
I would like my child to attend a Mini-Engineers activity but the commute is too far for us.  Do you plan to expand into other areas within London and the UK?
Our immediate plans are to expand within the Greater London area; however, we may expand to other areas of the UK in the future.  If you are interested in having a Mini-Engineers iLab near you, please drop us a line to let us know where you are and we will do our best. 
What is the connection between Mini-Engineers and LEGO® Education?  
Mini-Engineers is a privately held company that uses LEGO Education’s resources in its activities.  Most of Mini-Engineers activities have been designed around LEGO Education’s 4C Principles (described in more detail on our About Us page). Lego Education is a part of the LEGO Group and has been creating solutions for children for over 30 years.  LEGO Education solutions enable children to be active, creative and collaborative solution-seekers.  In this way a child's instinct to learn is stimulated, and they are motivated to apply their learning in new contexts, which means that they embark on a self-directed learning process.  LEGO Education calls this being “LEGO Smart”.
Can my child attend a Mini-Engineers class that is outside of his/her age group?  
We recommend that children attend activities that are within their age groups; however, it your child is a seasoned Mini-Engineers and demonstrates advanced building skills, we would be more than happy to discuss with you whether there is a more appropriate activity for him/her.
Can my children keep the Mini-Engineers LEGO kits?
Unfortunately no.  All LEGO elements and kits must stay at the Mini-Engineers iLab.  To make sure that all of our Mini-Engineers have the same building experience from complete kits, it is very important that all elements are returned to their appropriate kits at the end of each activity. 
There is a Mini-Engineers activity that my child would like to participate in but I am not able to book on-line as there are no spaces remaining.  What should we do?
Please click on the Wait List button and let us know that your child is interested in taking the class.  If there are any cancelations, we will contact the parents at the top of the waitlist.  Also, if there are a sufficient number of students on the waitlist for a particular activity, we may open up another class. 
Is Mini-Engineers registered with OFSTED?
Given the nature of Mini-Engineers’ activities, and the various locations activities are taking place, Mini-Engineers is not legally required to register with OFSTED. Nonetheless, Mini-Engineers uses OFSTED guidelines in the operation of its business as good practice.  All staff members are DBS/CRB checked and policies are updated accordingly.